Wastemaster 38 Ltr Waste Water Carrier

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The Wastemaster is a ready to use waste carrier that has a large 38 litre capacity. Made from a rigid high density polyethylene which gives it a  good balance when transporting.

There is also space to carry the toilet cassettes on the top of the carrier. It also fits under most caravans for easy storage.


  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

    The shops always seem to be well stocked, and I haven’t had a bad experience. I’ve ordered a few parts from three of their online vendors and haven’t had any problems. Delivery is quick and they do regular offers. All the parts I have used have been very good quality and it’s a store I trust.

  • Michelle Foster
    Michelle Foster

    I have always had a good experience with partbreakers and some of the deals are great if you get them at the right times! I have never had problems with the parts I recently, last order arrived in 48 hours!

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods

    I bought two parts which were much cheaper than any other online shops. I live in Norway and the delivery time was 5 days – Cool!
    However the delivery charge was about 10 pounds when shipping to Norway. It was still cheaper than buying the parts in Norway, so will order as often as I can .