Yatour car radio USB SD AUX IN adapter for Toyota Lexus Scion

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YT-M06-TOY2: USB/SD/AUX IN ADAPTER for Toyota/Lexus/Scion 6+6PIN:

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YT-M06-TOY2 6+6PIN compatible list:

Toyota/Lexus 6+6PIN slot:


Installation guidance:
1, Plugs in to the back of the Car Stereo. It uses CD changer port of your stereo.
2, Plug-and-play operation.
3, Works as an AUX Input converter for any MP3 player.
To remove your existing car radio, You may be able to find more information via websites or by contacting a dealer/qualified installer.

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l Voltage Input : 12V DC
l Signal-to-Noise : 95DB
l Max. Current : 600MA
l Max. Voltage output : 12V
l D/A Device : 24BIT 192KHZ
l Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.01%
l Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHZ
l Working Temperature : -10C- 80C


1. Plug&play,CDC alternative 
2. Connected with wire harness, not FM signal controlled ,Hi-Fi guanranteed 
3. Controlled by vehicle Head Unit,support Steering wheel operation 
4. With imported Hi-Fi Decoding Chip,perfectly support MP3 and WMA tracks 
5. Supports SD/SDHC/MMC card/U Disk/Card Reader/Hard Disk 
6. Supports external audio source(MP4 PSP Mobile Phone) via AUX in port 
7. Playlist function same as multi CDs 
8. Supports Last Position Memory(LPM) 
9. Vibration and interference proof 
10. Easy to install,no damage to original car decoration 
11. Specific,not universal.Different solutions for different car models or car radios
12. With Slot for Optional Bluetooth support.


Notice: If you want YT-M06 with Bluetooth function,

Please click here: Bluetooth module YT-BTM,     to order YT-BTM Bluetooth module together.


Supported memory cards and USB sticks:
1.Max 8GB ;
2.2GB is most recommended;
3.Supports up to 15 folders on Toyota Range models
4.Overloading the memory card or stick (with too many folders or files) may cause problems with display of CD and /or track number and may also cause intermittent performance.
5.Using music files formats other than WMA and MP3 may also cause intermittent performance.
6.Sometimes,to remove defect on software of car audio system, you may need to disconnect the battery or remove the fuse to reset the car audio system 
7.Please format USB stick or SD card with FAT16 or FAT32 format before you save files and folders in USB/SD
8.You have to set up folders’s name as CD01,CD02,CD03,?.; the playback order of songs is in line with their created date
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YT-M06 Including parts:
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